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[sticky post] First and foremost

Welcome to Shin Domoto Kyoudai.

The basics:
Membership is open.
Posts are moderated, at least for now.
All media posts MUST BE f-locked.
Check the tags before making a request on the Request Post.
Do not take links without permission.
Do not take links and claim as your own.
Be nice.
Comments make us all happy, so don't be shy.

If you have a suggestion, please PM me :)



A reminder

I'm very happy to see people coming to the community for the files, so I just want to remind everyone -
If you want a file but the links are dead, please comment in the re-up post. Otherwise, I won't be able to keep track of all the requests.

Thank you :)


Shojiki Shindoi (Update)

Hello Community :D

So I just made a huge update of the Shojiki Shindoi Masterpost I started some months ago by adding 80+ new episodes to the list thanks to yloife and facedancers who helped me out majorly by providing most of the links :D There is still lots of work to do before every episode is included, but I hope you can enjoy what we've collected so far :D

Just because I think some people may have forgotten about the post and others didn't see it back then, I'm posting this reminder, that the post exists and is still being updated (slowly but surely ;D). So check back frequently for new episodes!

Enjoy! ^^

quick notice

hi everyone,


I've been away for a few weeks but I hope to have some time next week to take care of some uploads and requests.


I remind you to use the requests master post and the re-up master post for all of your requests.


enjoy the weekend!
Your mod

First and last warning


It was brought to my attention that people here are sharing my links outside the community.
The rules specifically say not to do that! At least not without permission.
So here is a fair warning -
The next time I'm upping something and I see an unnatural amount of downloads, I'm shutting this community down. It's as simple as that.
If your friends want the files, they can come here, join the community and get the links. If you want to share the files with your friends without them having to join the community then upload them yourself.

I don't think I'm being unreasonable when I expect you all to follow the rules.

You Mod.

I was going to post the new SDK episode tomorrow but now I think that will only happen on the weekend.
I need to cool down first because right now I'm angry and disappointed and not in a very sharing mood.


KinKi Kids' new single

KinKi will release a new single next month! Titled Namida ni Naranai Kanashimi ga / Koi wa Nioeto Chirinuruwo (a double A single!!)

The single will have 3 versions (description taken from CDJapan) -
Limited A - Includes a bonus DVD with the PV for Namida ni Naranai Kanashimi ga and a 6-page cover.
Limited B - Includes a bonus DVD with the PV for Koi wa Nioeto Chirunuruwo and a 6-page cover.
Regular - Includes two additional songs - Amemushi and Ryusei

Go get your copy!



I've made subtitles for Hirosue Ryouko's second appearance on Shin Domoto Kyoudai. The episode can be found here


1. This is the very first time I try something like subbing.
2. My Japanese is nowhere near perfect.
3. I took some liberty in my translation at some points and didn't translate quite literally (but I tried to stay literal mostly)
4. I'm not quite sure about the parts where she answers the mosquitoes question and where she and Tsuyoshi are talking about Shiina Ringo (and a couple of other sentences here and there).
5. If anyone has any notes or corrections, please do let me know! I'd appreciate any constructive advice.

Here's the subs and (as I'm sure everyone knows) just change the name to match the name of the file and watch it using VLC: MF

A short notice

Hi guys,

Sorry I didn't have time to upload the last few episodes of SDK. I will do my best to do it during the week but it's been a bit crazy with work and stuff and I'm not sure when exactly I'll be able to post.
SDK is on a 2 weeks vacation so hopefully I can get us all up to date before it comes back.
Once I'm done with all the recent episodes I will do requests. I'll be doing them in bulks so hopefully it won't take too long to up everything.

Thank you for all your comments and a happy 16th anniversary to our boys.
Have a good week!

Your Mod


Do people still need recent SDK episodes?
The last one to be uploaded to this community was #557. Do people need 558-last or do you only need last week's?

I want to know if you guys need me to upload them before I move them from my computer.
You have 24 hours to reply to this post before I go on my merry way and archive them :)

If no one needs these episodes, next will be requests and then re-ups.


A quicky

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgotten about your requests.
I moved houses and some of my stuff is still in boxes, including my KinKi external HD.
Once I finish unpacking, I will work on your requests so please bear with me for a little bit longer.
The plan is to up during the week so I can post next weekend.

Thank you for your patience!

Your friendly mod.


Release DVD - Shamanippon - Rakachinotohi

Shamanippon - Rakachinotohi

DVD Release 2013/06/12

Features Tsuyoshi Domoto's concert held at shamanippon ship in his hometown, Nara on July 14, 2012, in which he performed songs "eni groovin'," "shaman intuition," "Yo kan," "I gotta take you shamanippon," and more. Also contains documentary following making-of the ship, rehearsal, and more.


Regular : Comes with a postcard.
  Limited : Comes with 5 three-folded posters. Packaged in a gatefold digipak (L28.2cm x W13cm x T1.2cm).

Tracklisting (Same for the both Regular and Limited)

1. [Disc1] TUKUFUNK
2. [Disc1] shamanippon 〜kuni no uta
3. [Disc1] Nihi
4. [Disc1] eni groovin’
5. [Disc1] shaman intuition
6. [Disc1] ・・・Rakachi no Tohi
7. [Disc1] Mirai he no Wasuremono
8. [Disc1] Hito kara Nanika e to
9. [Disc1] Mind light blues
10. [Disc1] Yo kan
11. [Disc1] Ichikodou ~1 beat
12. [Disc1] I gotta take you shamanippon
13. [Disc1] Kimi ga Ima
14. [Disc1] Eni wo Yuite
15. [Disc1] SUNK you
16. [Disc2] shamanippon MO (Env.120 mins Projet)


Just to let you guys know

I re-upped all the episodes I posted in the last post.

Damn MF is stupid and as I said before, I will not be using it for anything that's above 200mb. It's just not worth the headache.

So, if you couldn't download because MF is a blood sucking *****, head over to the post and  get downloading.
Links will expire at some point so grab 'em while they're hot fresh still there.


Reupload post

Some of you have asked for re-ups but these requests usually get lost in my inbox.
Therefore, to make sure I see all of these and address them, I decided to make a master post for re-upload requests.

To ask for a re-up -
Reply here with a link to the original post and what exactly you want re-upped.

If you are a member and are willing to re-up files yourself, all you need to do is submit a post!
Any help will be appreciated!

Requests get priority but I will do my best to re-up whatever I can in between.


Just an update

I'm upping requests and the last 2 episodes of SDK, the posts will be out on Sunday.
And just in case you missed it, I finished upping all of P.S. Genki Desu, Shunpei so grab it while the links last!


Some help?

Hi guys,

I'm fulfilling requests but there are a few things people have asked for that I don't have -
Shoujiki Shindoi
Gakkou no Sensei

If you have SS episodes or the drama and willing to share, please don't hesitate to post to the community.

Thank you :)